Humphreys County Flood: How We Can Help

First off, thank y’all so much for your prayers, comments, well wishes, and concern over Waverly and the ranch. We are seeing them and they mean everything. We are so blessed to have the outpouring of love that we have received.

As a community we are grieving, assessing damage, and figuring out the next steps for healing and cleaning up.

Waverly will need sustained help over the next weeks and months. If you feel compelled to donate, consider waiting a few days until we can get heavy equipment in town to clear roads and organizations can catch up on calls, messages, and needs. We LOVE each and every one of you and your generous hearts for coming together for our community here in Humphreys County. We will heal, and it will be in large part because of you all.

Thank each and every one of you who have reached out to ask if you can help. We are doing our best to keep information up to date and will keep adding to this list as time goes on. Right now, these are the best ways to help.

United Way- Humphreys County
First Federal Bank- 122 W. Main St, Waverly, TN

What they need (updated Aug 22)
Bulk Water for food prep and washing hands, bodies, etc (we are on a boil warning until further notice)
Totes and containers
Can Openers (handheld)
Hygiene items (travel size due to victims being displaced and having limited space)
Luggage or carry bags
Blankets & Pillows
School supplies

Monetary donations to United Way
Text FLOOD RELIEF to 269-89
Donate on Facebook

Waverly First Baptist Church
300 E. Main st. Waverly, TN

Waverly Baptist Church has food, shelter, clothes, feminine products, diapers, and more. Please visit the church if you are in need of supplies. If you need help with your home, please visit the church to fill out a cleaning request.

What They Need (Updated August 23)
mop buckets
push brooms

Monetary donations to Waverly Baptist Church

National Guard Armory- Waverly
1421 Highway 70 w. Waverly, TN

Accepting all physical donations

Community Foundation Middle Tennessee

Gifts to this fund will support the immediate and long term needs of Humphreys County residents affected by the flood.

McEwen High School
335 Melrose St. McEwen, TN

What they need (updated August 22)
Medical supplies (bandaids, peroxide, neosporin, gauze, coban wrap, etc.)
Small containers/packages of OTC medications like tylenol, ibuprofen, Aleve, Tums, etc.
Contact solution
Liquid laundry detergent
Slide-on shoes
Phone chargers
Extension cords
Paper towels
Toilet paper
Paper goods (plates, cups, etc.)
Baby clothes
Peanut butter
Ramen noodles
Stuffed animals
NEW in package underwear
Cardboard boxes, plastic totes, laundry baskets
Large reusable shopping bags
Towels and washcloths
Dish cloths
Toddler car seats + booster seats
Hair brushes
Full size juices
Instant coffee
Baby formula
Body wash
Saltine crackers

Monetary Donations to Tayla Lynn, to be given directly to those in need in Waverly

Venmo: @tayla-lynn

We will have more information on volunteering in town to clean up and rebuild as we figure out what our needs are. Please keep checking with the above organizations and those listed in the comments to stay up to date.

In terms of the ranch, we are SO thankful for you wanting to come and volunteer and help us rebuild. Right now we need to assess damage and safety issues, document everything for insurance, and focus on our community and the loss of Wayne. We are grieving for him hard today and will be for a long time to come. He was irreplaceable.

AS SOON as we have a plan for the ranch, we will let each and every one of you know. We love you. We couldn’t do this without you. Thank you for giving us your time and your hearts through this.