• November 24, 2014

We went and bought a FARM!

We went and bought a FARM!

We went and bought a FARM! 1000 667 taylalynn

Happy Thanksgiving WEEK!!!!


We have been talkin to Tru today about what Thanksgiving is to us.

We are tellin him about being thankful, giving thanks, parties, family, bein sweet and polite J Good Luck to us eh 😉


With those thoughts in mind, I want to tell you, our family and friends what we are thankful for…


For starters, we are so thankful for you and your support. Always listening, reading and communicating with us as we all travel this road of life. We are so grateful to have you in our corner and to be in yours.


We have some news! Here’s the background to help set the stage 😉


As many of you know we moved to Seattle 2 years ago. Tru Diamon was only 2 months old and Jon Cody was offered a job at Amazon. With my singing career on hiatus, we absolutely jumped at the chance. We were not expecting it, it was handed to us. A blessing. We followed the call.


What a 2 years it has been!  The growth and flourishing love our family has been privy too is unreal. I never thought I would ever be so blessed as I am today. The love I have for my family….mmmm speechless 😉 I am very protective of what we have grown here within these walls and have turned into a warrior for these boys and our little unit J Dedo included.


Over the summer we took a leap of faith. Jon Cody, although grateful, was miserable workin in the corporate world and unable to be the involved husband, father and family man that makes up much of who he is.  He left it and hasn’t looked back. Nothing and I mean no amount of money is worth sellin your soul. This my friends is what was happening. He was losing himself… I was watching it and not knowing what to do. He had fought for me earlier in the year so with the good Lords help I stood by him too.  Must’ve been Gods will because it was easy….The next few months have just been playin themselves out and we have been following our hearts and truly focusing on what makes us happy!


Now fast forward to our Big News!!


During a recent road trip the Finger’s took to Nashville, we had become this  adventurous family full of joy and love for everything…. The doors began to open and our future became clear. We found a piece of land, a beautiful home and a place to plant generations of family roots. 


We are moving home to the @Loretta Lynn Dude Ranch next month!! We bought a dad gum farm, with horses, ponies and a donkey! I have asked for a pig for Christmas J


We have been seeking depth and roots. We just didn’t know where it would come from. We were open to all possibilities when this presented itself. After much prayer and thought this is the perfect next step for we Fingers. There is a peace with this decision that moves us down the track.

Jon Cody has wanted to live out there from day one 🙂 he grew up early on with his fathers family having horses and tons of land. That itch to be surrounded by nature has never left him.  And Jon’s love for showing Tru the country, fishing, hunting, the old ways…. It will be beautiful to watch. He will be working for and with the family now as well. I will leave the details of his new position up to him to tell 😉

For our son, Tru, and hopefully future children, this is the place I want them to visit us when we are 82 holdin hands on our front porch….rockin’….I wanna be a grandmother on that land. I want roots to be planted so deep that when Tru brings our grand babies to see us they feel it in their bones—they are home. They will always have a home on that land.

We want to be a part of the ranch, be with my Dad, grandmother, Aunts uncles and cousins.

Our one sadness about this move is leaving Jon’s parents, our sis, bro, family and the friends we’ve made here. Thank God my in laws love to travel 🙂 they have given us their blessing and we are all committed to seeing each other often. They are so important to us. Tru would not be the cool kid he is without those 2. #committedtotheKuntz

As for my music, I am continuing my music career here in the Northwest and bringing some of it down home to TN. Tru and I will be traveling back to Seattle a ton.


I have signed a “Single Record contract” with London Tone as Tayla Lynn and The Hims.


I am also recording an acoustic record with Eric Tingstad and will be touring the nation and Europe with him.


My buddy Mike Flanders and I will be workin on a project in Nashville and can’t wait to fill ya in J


And as always there are some lights, camera action somewhere in the middle of it all.

Thank you for reading this long letter!
Thank you for always supporting my family and our dreams.



Happy Thanksgiving!



Be watchin for our new website!
http://www.finger.farm    (no .com)




Check the website now to become a member of the fan club!

Thanks to Sarah Walters for settin all of it up!


Remember you can download Honky Tonk Girl and CoalDust online J

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