• August 11, 2012

The Csection

The Csection

The Csection 1000 667 taylalynn

I am topless. I am now always topless.

This is one of those things they durn’t tell ya….It is like the Playboy Mansion except not at all 🙂

We have been parents for a week now and it is just about as I expected. No sleep, running on love and poop flyin everywhere! IT IS AMAZING! I am telling you, it is the most natural thing i have ever done. I feel like I was made for this. Tomorrow my blog will say “I am not built for this” Ha today I am!

Right before the wheel me off


Last Friday we walked into the hospital and I was so nervous. I knew it would hurt…They are gonna stick what in my back?!?! And then she asked to shave me…I said now hold on now, we durn’t need all that!

They wheeled me back and had Jon Cody wait at the door.

Everyone was SO sweet in the bright white surgery room. I was seriously so scared. They sat me straight up on the side of the bed and took my hands. I bent my head towards my chest, she said relax your shoulders…I did..I prayed..God be with me, God be with me. She told me everything she was doing. I kept thinking “this is happening now”. She put in the numbing shot, I didn’t even feel it..I said “I didn’t even feel it, wow how exciting, then they said “we haven’t done the spinal yet…” Shat balls in cowtown…They did it, it was fine. Not amazing, but fine.

I felt the stuff pretty fast. Jon Cody then came in and they laid me back. I kept thinking “this is happening now” haha AGAIN! I thought that so much. They spread my legs, why who know. This baby coming thru the stomach.

this is a pic from internet!

I continues to say “I can still feel my stomach” I just knew they were gonna cut me when I could still feel it.

And the cutting begins. I can tell when they get deeper. Jon and I kept eye contact some but mostly I am tuned into what the heck DR. Staggs is doing.

I start feeling sick to my stomach. I stop talking. The nurse asks why have a stopped talking. I tell her, I’m gonna purck.. Except I am not funny at all during this. Turts has gone real serious. They cutting me deep. I feel tugging. I hear things. I pray I pray I pray. I hold Jon’s hand. I start feeling better. She was saying to Jon “See how her face went white and her mouth turned a little blue” I thought Lurd, hush it. But she was fixing it so I was grateful. Everyone in that room was so freaking lovely.

I hear what I think is a saw. I say “Oh nur they is sawing” Except I say “oh no I hear a saw” In the most dead serious voice with no accent you have ever heard.

They say “no that is the suction, Jon get your camera ready”

I thought, OMgosh, its time. They told Jon he couldn’t film until the baby was about to come out.

They say “you are going to feel some pressure”

Dude I stopped breathing, she was pushing, I am saying God be with me, Jesus be with me….

It was not hurting AT ALL but the pressure is heavy, the wole thing very intense…

The nurses said “honey continue to breathe.”

I heard them talking about his head.

I heard him. I heard Jon say “WOW WOW WOW”

I saw him. I watched him cross the room. I loved him. Right then. I couldn’t catch my breath, I just wept, loud sobs.

He is ours. He is here. He is loved….

Tru’s very first picture… I mean he is smiling at Daddy. UNREAL!!!!


TO be continued…..

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