• July 2, 2012

I was asked to be her son’s God Mother….

I was asked to be her son’s God Mother….

I was asked to be her son’s God Mother…. 1000 667 taylalynn

She was standing behind a door hiding. She was immediately nice to me and told me to come hide with her. My memory tells me we were upstairs at WONDERLAND on Columbia Ave. It was an old antebellum home turned into our daycare. She had 2 little pigtails holding just the top of her hair back and down the center of her hair was a white stripe.

I would later learn this is a birth mark. It was my first day at day care and I was scared! I think we were about 4? We don’t really recall now 🙂 We old. Her name was Stephanie and we have been inseparable since.

We spent the next years kinda raisin ourselves in a way, me more than Steff. She has her a real good mama and daddy, they are my second parents, JUDY AND WAYNE!

We took every spring break and summer vacation together. We lived at each others houses, spent every weekend either watchin Heathers, Pretty Woman, Aerosmith videos, sneakin cigarettes, Steff stealin her daddys car, us sneakin boys in, eatin Party Pizzas and Doritos, swimming at Grannys, creeks, takin our first drink together, we thought we were dinosaurs and Brandy my sister was the jolly green Giant one night when maybe something fell accidentally into our drinks….

Cover of "Pretty Woman [Blu-ray]"






Cover of "Heathers - 20th High School Reu...

I can remember when we were in the 7th grade and I had become best friends with our bestie Currier. Now since Currier and I went off to the private school (who knows how I got in) we rode home together, but since Steffy was still my bestie we picked her up and took her home too. I was a little mean to Steffy for a minute, that wasn’t nice, she took me back real fast, she told me I wasn’t none to nice and she wasn’t havin it! She is one to tell you like it is!

I lived in the trailer with the donkey and cable TV at the time, so we always ended up there every weekend. It was funny to watch Currier and Steff get close. They still act today like they did then. I do not know how to explain it..They are the very best of friends but they have this little bickering thing they do that I love to just witness. That is probably how it became so engrained in us, I provoked the fights. That sad kinda hahahhaha NOT REALLY!

So the 3 of us kind of did this trio thang for the rest of our lives, until I became a raging addict and they just couldn’t watch anymore. They detached with love and came back as soon as I got clean.

I know I am all over the place. It is because when you are talking about someone you have known for 30 years, there are so many memories that flood you….

The love that fills you is intoxicating…

Steffy is just one of those girls you know will be with you forever. The same goes for my other best friends too…We have all been so close since we were so young, Currier, Lisa, Nicole, Sara Beth, Jodi…and our boys too, Michael, Trav, John and Matt…We will just always be in each others lives…

So to wrap up a little on Steffy I just have a few words…

The past is the past with her and she moves on.

Steff was one of the first people I made amends to when I got sober. I had taken so much from her. Physically mentally, spiritually and even stole her coin jar (which we now can laugh about) THANK GOD!

She forgave me without so much as a blink and when I asked her what I could do to repay her or make it right, she just said, stay sober, be my friend. That’s Steff ya get it?

Ooooooooo now she love her husband son!!!!!!

Steff called me almost 2 years ago now and asked me to be her sons God Mother. After the thieving, lying, addicted, crazy woman I had been she asked me. She doesn’t see that part of me. She only sees the good parts. That is kind of her thing. She picks the good parts of people. Her mama, Judy is a lot like that 🙂

I will never forget our conversation about being Nash’s God mother, the way we both wept, what it meant, us both knowing what it really meant, her telling me to just be me and that was what she wanted in Nash’s God mother…For me to just lead him when he has questions or problems, to be honest with him.

I have this bond with Nash I can not explain. I see him and I feel like he is a part of me. I get him. I would do anything for him.

I am proud to be his God mother. It is an honor that I pray I do well 🙂

I love you Stephanie Potts.




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