• July 11, 2018

Cindy, Celebration of Life

Cindy, Celebration of Life

Cindy, Celebration of Life 1024 749 Chase Jennings

There was a brief moment in the sky when i felt her brush my face and call me her baby.

There was a touch of her warmth in the air. But as soon as i felt it it passed. I tried to grab it. For only a second more. But that’s as long as she had.

I see her. She’s in the flowers. All of them. She’s Bright, smiling and filled with joy and healing.

She’s so much more than this obituary but Arrangements needed to be made.

As in life Mom lived everyday as an adventure, never planning for the future. She had no life insurance 🙄👵🏻😂🧟‍♂️ planning the funeral today was heavy.

So many people have asked what they can do. Feel free to donate to the Cindy Plemons Memorial Fund.

Please Join Us:
Thursday 9-10am visitation
10:30am Grave Side Service at Burwood Cemetery in Burwood TN

Directly to follow

💖💕Celebration of Life💕💖

We will directly go have a “Cindy Celebration of Life” at Burwood Community Center

Everyone is welcome 🎪

We want you there 🦋

An outpouring of love is coming our way and we accept and appreciate that ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

You’ve asked if there is anything you can do.

Feel free to bring food. Thursday is catered by our buds at Greers but there is always room for pies sides whatever! People love to eat with somebody die honey 👵🏻

We will have a band Thursday and blow up balloons. We will sing and cry.

Until we can get Mamas accounts squared away we have started the “Cindy Plemons Memorial Fund”

You can send donations for funeral and Mason directly to my PayPal at taylatotmusic@gmail.com (do you know how gross we feel posting about that but wanting to get this funeral and mason paid for and set up trumps our pride)

What would Mama expect me to do? Go LIVE like her sunshine would…

Watch the replay via Facebook
Love you all
  • Brenda Deppe July 13, 2018 at 6:56 am

    Lost my whole post! So glad got to meet Miss Cindy and your Granny Saturday night, was sitting with them at the picnic table right behind you and Tre signing autographs, not knowing that I as a member of your fan club and had a wristband on could be at the front of the line! Will be at your concert in October in Cairo, Mo, my cousin has ordered tickets, but she didn’t tell them I am a fan club member, know people going there for years usually have front row seats but these should be for fan club members and their guest! Seen you and Tre there last October, they did what they could to get us seated, you came to meet me right before the concert and that was fantastic! Sarah took care of everything last year hope she will do so this year!!! Us fan clubs are paying extra then the regulars there and we should get front row seats, if Miss Sarah will call them again at Route Z Bar and Grill in Cairo, Mo would sure appreciate it babe!❤️ Thank you!

  • Lynn Harmon July 18, 2018 at 12:43 pm

    tayla sorry bout youre loss, but jesus needed youre mom for some reason so she is on her mission love ya hun and stay strong always lynn harmon email lynnharmon182@gmail.com

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