By Lia Beck, July 9, 2021

Loretta Lynn is known for her country classics, and now, one of her grandchildren is putting her own spin on them. Loretta Lynn’s granddaughter Tayla Lynn released the album Tayla Lynn Sings Loretta Lynn earlier this year, and it’s full of covers of her grandmother’s hits. In a new interview with PeopleTayla opened up about making the album and the struggles she experiencing getting to where she is today as a wife, mother, and country singer in her own right.

Tayla is the daughter of one of Loretta’s six children, Ernest Ray Lynn. Ernest has taken the stage with his mother to perform duets over the years, and has also performed with Tayla. Tayla’s mother, Cindy, passed away in 2018. In a recent Instagram post, Tayla reflected on the anniversary of her mother’s death. “I love thinking about your little house in heaven. Full of [dogs] and flowers. Color and fun!” she wrote. “Miss you Mommy.”

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By Tricia Despres July 08, 2021 06:05 PM

Tayla Lynn can still remember the night she stayed out till sunrise, only to find her grandmother — the legendary Loretta Lynn — standing in the doorway, wearing both a bathrobe and a scowl.

“She was not happy,” remembers Lynn with a slight chuckle during a recent interview with PEOPLE. “If I was going to stay out, I’d always call. But this time, I didn’t. And Memaw made it quite obvious that she wasn’t going to play that game. It was a, ‘You might do that to your mama, but you are not going to do that here’ sort of thing. She required respect and I learned that pretty quick.”

But as the years went by, there would be nights filled with more and more disappointment, as the daughter of Loretta’s son Ernest Ray would fall into the hereditary handcuffs of addiction.

“There was a time when I didn’t want to wake up and see tomorrow,” Lynn, 44, admits. “When you’re hiding from God, the last thing you want to do is see the sunrise.”

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