• July 18, 2014

Artists doin’ Advocare

Artists doin’ Advocare

Artists doin’ Advocare 1000 667 taylalynn

“Life will throw ya some sand and part the seas. Open the doors and let in the breeze. Blow the wind and right the waves.”


That is how our life is lookin today.


Jon Cody and I met 3 years ago. Within 6 months we were engaged, married, pregnant and moved 3 times, 2 being across the country and back.


When Tru was born we had some choices to make. I no longer had a record deal and my income was zilch. I was not in a place physically or emotionally to get back to work singin. So we were in a pinch. My husband saved us. He found a job back in his hometown of Seattle. It would enable me to stay at home and raise our son.Β  A dream for both of us…

It was an amazing job for him but it quickly began to take its toll.


Jon Cody is NOT a corporate dude. He just isn’t built like that. This is a guy who broke up with a girlfriend once (100 years ago I might add):Β  and decided the best cure for a heartache is livin in a jungle in Costa Rica for a year buildin’ huts! He took off to Africa for weeks just to pet a lion and he flies a plane just to feel free from stress.



Babes, that ain’t a guy who can clock in 9-5 then come home and continue to do it.


Josephus Daniels (LOC)

He stressed see


I started seeing the toll before he would ever admit it. He was losing himself. I watched my husband fall into this routine that so many Americans do. Just LIVIN to WORK instead of WORKIN TO LIVE.

I won’t go into the details but its been almost 2 years later and he has taken a leap of faith. Our family has taken a leap of faith.

He has left the corporate world. He has started his own business.

Jon is very passionate. A few things he is most passionate about are:

His family, Travel ,Music, collectin old sh$t and buildin’ thangs….

So he, bein the mensa he is, combined ’em all!!!

“Finger Farm Furniture” A father-Son biz πŸ™‚ Together they are building the most precious children’s furniture!


Music City Memorabilia” takes his organic love of music and collectors items and combines them into this fancy high-tech online new age thing this old country girl better not try to explain. I will let him do that…

Then ya got the thangs I got him into πŸ™‚

My music is going really well out here in the NorthWest. We are booked up all the time and he is my right hand love bug πŸ™‚

So when all is well-All can be better! πŸ™‚

Jon Cody and I have been introduced to Advocare and have fallen in love. We have both have come to a place in our lives where we want to live healthy and free. We want to teach Tru good healthy living. Advocare is that.

We have signed on as Artists doin Advocare! It is somethin we can do together as a team! That excites us both!

Healthshop Wheatgrass

We really would just love to buy a tour bus live on it all over America for year, buy a home plant some roots, have another baby and be able to have these 4 businesses come with us everywhere πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ Heck maybe we even start a business where we show people how to do all this bahahah, we figure it out first.

We love our lives. We fought hard to get here. To this moment -this place.

Join us as we travel down this loop ‘te loop of life on..

Tru Finger TV!

Here is a video of a girl I dig, then mine πŸ™‚


This is why I said YES to bein an Artist Doin Advocare:



So then I said-HEY πŸ™‚


If ya need anything check out my site


Thanks to Jed and Pauline Wick, who introduced us to this awesome product!

Thank you to Memaw aka Loretta Lynn for lettin me sing your songs.

Thank you to our families and friends for supportin’ and lovin our crazy tails πŸ™‚



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